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                工作地點 上海(華東地區)
                所在行業 畜牧
                招聘人數 1人
                招聘方式 全職
                月  薪 面議


                工作經驗 8年以上
                學歷要求 碩士
                性別要求 不限
                年齡要求 不限
                外語要求 英語
                崗位描述 Overview:
                The Marketing Manager leads and owns strategic marketing, new business development, branding, lifecycle management of designated product portfolios and/or animal species growth opportunities.
                This position will develop, implement and manage effective marketing and product plans as well as provide marketing support to customer programs and events for sales growth and profitability.

                應聘要求 Requirements:
                1.5~8 years of relevant experience in strategic marketing, product development or technical with a customer-oriented mindset, focus on animal Intestinal Health portfolios.
                2.Master or Doctor degree in animal science/ food science/ bio science is preferred.
                3.University education or equivalent experience in veterinary medicine would be a plus.
                4.Excellent interpersonal and communications skills are required.
                5.Passion and drive to make a difference, immediate contribution and a sense of urgency.
                6.Good analysis ability and skill with creating marketing concepts and solutions.
                7.Experience in strategic planning or business intelligence analysis would be a plus.
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