pop up shop proves success

After the success of The Blue and Purple pop-up shop in Whiteleys Shopping Centre in Bayswater (where we sold out of headphones in a week!) ShaoDow & Zuby have been selling via their 2nd pop-up shop aka The Blue and Purple Store in the massive Westquay Shopping Centre in Southampton.

This has proved to be a big hit for fans both new and old, because not only has it given them a chance to come hang out with the artists, but to scoop exclusive merchandise only available from the pop-up shop.

The Blue and Purple store also has given fans a chance to test out the Freesound Artist Collection Wireless Headphones, which feature music from the Artists built into the MP3 player.  This has proved a great success with units flying (or more aptly being kung-fu kicked) off the shelves.  The response to the store has been phenomenal.

Look out for the next Pop-up shop which will feature a Limited Edition Headset finished in Black and Gold logos.  This will only be available from the shop so keep an eye out on social media for the announcement of where and when that will be.

Check out the video of the latest store right here...

Andy Haslam

manchester, united kingdom