Keepin it grimy in Prague with ShaoDow


Freesound Artist Collection rolls into 2014 with a few announcements from ShaoDow - he is due to release his long awaited music video for the new single "Gas Mark 10" tonight - a little valentines present for us all! Look out for some other artists in this video its set to be epic.  This track is taken from the new album "Kung Fu Hustler which is out now to buy on iTunes!!!/id711838431?i=711838601&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

ShaoDow has performed a series of gigs in Europe.  Here is an insider video taken by RoadSound of the events going on in Prague last month. You can tweet @RoadSound for further info on dates this year, believe me these events are not to be missed if you are a true grime fan !

Zuby Rapstar wearing Freesound Artist Colection TeamZuby Wireless Headphones.jpg


Zuby has also announced that he will be releasing a series of singles (one each month) entitled "the Year of Zuby" 

The Year Of Zuby is his new music project. He aims to release a brand new song every month in 2014, followed by an album at the end of the year.

From just £10 (one off payment) you can get the latest music directly into your inbox every month. You could also buy a VIP Package including a CD and exclusive merchandise, or even a live performance from Zuby in your living room! Whatever you choose, you will be supporting Zuby as an independent artist and helping him to earn a living and make more music in the future.  Keep up to date with zubys musical adventures on Twitter @ZubyMusic


Today we are pleased to announce that Freesound has landed in America and we will begin a long and exciting journey into unchartered quarters.  Will America like BritHop?  Only time will tell. More info on this to follow next month.

Dont forget you can follow us @FreesoundAudio for the latest news and offers about any of our products. We are actively looking for musicians and artists to join our collection, so with your help and support we can make Freesound work to support more independent artists like Zuby and ShaoDow.

Andy Haslam

manchester, united kingdom