WHAT THE FUK is FAC? Freesound Artist Collection ready (almost)

What the FUK?

This month FUK(Freesound UK) are proud to announce FAC.

FAC (Freesound Artist Collection) is our latest range of NFC Wireless Headphones for SmartPhones...

Building on the success of the FreeTrack range of headphones, we have developed a brand new CSR driven, Bluetooth v4 NFC-enabled headset with 8GB of MP3 storage that is set to rock your socks off.

Freesound Artist Collection - ShaoDow DiY Gang headphones.jpg

Why should I give a FAC?

The first to be released in the series is the ShaoDow Diy Gang Edition.  This new headset is truly unique because it comes with ShaoDow's forthcoming album "Kung Fu Hustler" pre-loaded for your enjoyment directly from the headset via the built-in MP3 player!  

Yes you read that right. It's already loaded onto the 8GB storage so you don't even need a SmartPhone , MP3 or iPod to listen to music anymore. 

The DiY Gang Wireless Headphones will feature the entire album due for release at the beginning of October.

The FAC: ShaoDow headphones not only have the option to store your own music on the headset directly, but you can also use the line-in jack cable for non-Bluetooth devices.

Freesound Artist Collection - ShaoDow DiY gang 2.jpg

NFCing way

Another outstanding feature of this headset is that it incorporates the innovative NFC technology (Near Field Communication) which is essentially contactless Pairing with other devices - you simply hold the headphones next to your SmartPhone and the Bluetooth Pairing information is done for you automatically.  No more fumbling around trying to connect your devices.  It really is that simple.  In our opinion NFC = No Flippin' Cables! 

FACT: Currently 53% of phones have NFC and this is set to increase as new SmartPhones hit the market.

ANOTHER FACT: If you don't have a phone with NFC yet, you can just PAIR the headset using any Bluetooth v1-4 phone.


Are you taking the PPSS?

The other incredible feature about this headset is that it has 8 individual speakers built into it.  Yes 8. 

The FAC incorporates a technology known as PPSS (Physical Positioning Surround Sound) which gives a very well balanced and deep rich vibrancy to the music.  We believe we have produced one of the most unique and exciting headphones on the market today.   The effect that the 8 drivers produces is very clear and really does add that extra dimension with the new British designed CSR chipset and we feel this is unrivalled on the marketplace today.


Big Bad Boy Battery

The lifetime of th battery is around 1300 hours standby and just over a day of continuous playback in tests!  You recharge the headphones via the included Micro-USB cable, or using your own Blackberry, HTC, Sony, Nokia or other standard phone cable.

ShaoDow DiY Gang headphones by Freesound Audio UK.jpg

Chat, Talk, Control

The FAC also has a built-in microphone for complete hands-free control.  You really can leave your phone in your pocket.

On the right earpiece is a control panel allowing you to tap the central function button to answer or reject calls, as well as voice dial and last number callback.

If you are listening to music from your SmartPhone and a call comes in, the track will pause and you will be alerted to the incoming caller.  If you reject or end the call the music will resume automatically. 

You can also skip tracks, adjust volume and make a brew with this headset.  Well ok I made the last bit up but that is about the only function that is lacking in this fabulous Freesound Artist Collection : DiY Gang Edition set of Wireless Headphones. 

Andy Haslam

manchester, united kingdom