BBC Radio1 DJ Charlie Sloth endorses our headphones

Recently Freesound disciple ShaoDow presented a pair of the Freesound Artist Collection: DiY Gang Wireless NFC Headphones to the Radio One DJ Charlie Sloth and here is what he has to say about the 8 speakers which "gas up his ears"...

ShaoDows headphones are available now.  They contain his latest album entitled "Kung Fu Hustler" which is accessible via the built-in MP3 player.  They are so cutting edge they will make your ears bleed...

NFC (tap your phone for instant pairing)

Bluetooth 4 Ultra low energy - Your phone and headphones will only use half as much power as any other popular "rapper endorsed" headphones on the market.  These headphones now last for over 24 hours continuous playback or 50 days standby!

Wired Mode (optional cable included)

and last (but not least) an 8GB MP3 for storing your own music built-in  which has ShaoDows new album pre-loaded!

If you buy the Freesound Artist Collection: ShaoDow DiY Gang headphones you will be supporting British independent business.  Thank you for your support.

Andy Haslam

manchester, united kingdom