ShaoDow DiY Gang Headphones out now

ShaoDows DiY Gang founder releases his album and introduces his new headphone range live on Kiss FM.

Last night ShaoDow did a radio interview with Grime legend DJ Logan Sama....

He talked about his journey from UK to China and back, and how his constant drive to fund his music and DiY way of life, which has enabled him to create his 2nd Album "Kung Fu Hustler".  You can listen to his interview here...


ShaoDow's Wireless DiY Gang headphones are now available in our store.   Freesound is proud to announce that the newest headset is finally here after several months of development.

With Freesound headphones, you can Control your music wirelessly.  On the side of the headset is a control panel to adjust volume or skip tracks, as well as pause or play the music, or indeed answer or reject any incoming calls - all whilst your phone is in your pocket!

Lose the wires.

These headphones have to be heard to appreciate just how good they are. ShaoDow has continually used his headphones to demonstrate his music to gain new fans when out on the street. It is fair to say that his input and feedback has contributed to the development of this Freesound product. The constant use of the sample headphones from the 1st edition FreeTrack right through to the finished product that we have today has been an important factor in producing a robust, reliable, comfortable and great sounding product that has been well tested over several months of development “in real life” situations. Factors such as when the goods can get stretched, scuffed, or even wet due to the weather, as well as the continual button usage and battery lifetime have all been factors which have played an important part in development of the collection.

I honestly believe that these new Freesounds are one of the most advanced wireless headphones available on the market today because they have 8 speakers, feature ShaoDows new album built-in, NFC, ultra-low energy bluetooth v4, optional wired mode, microphone and to top it off we use the incredible new British designed CSR algorithm which blows competition out of the water. Quite simply the Freesound Artist Collection are unrivalled.
— Andy Haslam (Founder)
Freesound Artist Collection Wireless Headphones for DiY Gang/ShaoDow

Freesound Artist Collection Wireless Headphones for DiY Gang/ShaoDow

The improvements which have been made to this product over the earlier ISSC version are basically that we have taken an Asian manufactured standard technology and sprinkled some British design flair and audio know-how from industry leaders to create a truly incredible customisable product.

  • With the ultra low Bluetooth profile we have effectively doubled the battery lifetime to 50 days standby and 24 hours continuous playback. 
  • British company CSR have produced a wonderful audio and connectivity solution
  • NFC offers the user the ability to tap the phone against the headset to pair automatically
  • Integrated MP3 player
  • Optional 3.5mm Jack for non-Bluetooth devices such as old iPods or Tablets. 
  • Customisable design

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Also take a look at ShaoDows latest video which features our other Artist Collection member Zuby, oh and look out for several of our headphones!

Freesound Artist Collection : ShaoDow DiY Gang Bluetooth NFC Wireless Headphones

Freesound Artist Collection : ShaoDow DiY Gang Bluetooth NFC Wireless Headphones

ShaoDow had a big input on the development of these headphones. I first met him when he was recording a documentary in Manchester earlier this year, and straight away he showed a huge interest in my products. My PR Paul LLoyd of writefour had arranged a photo shoot in Manchester and we were quite lucky that Paul spotted him so we got talking, and from that point I did some research into ShaoDow.

What fascinates me the most is how he interacts at street level with his supporters, he genuinely is the hardest working guy I ever met. He has been able to sell 14.5k+ CDs across the UK alone by engaging his audience directly. His enthusiasm for his work and self-development is unlimited. From the moment I realised what he was about it was a no-brainer. He is an excellent advocate for the freesound brand.

ShaoDow deserves his own wireless headphones not only because of his music, but also because he works tirelessly and the development he has contributed towards the earpiece design, functionality, build quality and his feedback has been extremely important to producing the fine finished product that we now have today.

Being a musician it is vital ShaoDow hears his music the way he intended. I believe we have achieved that with this product which has a very wide frequency response - I would describe it like being in a club watching him live it sounds that good.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his input. I am truly grateful. Here’s to the music.

ShaoDow Diy Gang Wireless Headphones - Lose the Wires.
— Andy Haslam (Founder)

Andy Haslam

manchester, united kingdom