Pop-up shop rolls back into Southampton

The last time that independent Artists ShaoDow and Zuby ran the pop-up shop in Southampton West Quay shopping centre it was late summer, and it was an outstanding success.  It's fair to say that tonnes of fans old and new, as well as supporters of independent music, dropped by to scoop a moment to listen to the new tracks from both artists, on the latest technology from Freesound Audio.  

Taking advantage of the 8 speakers incorporated into the FAC headphones which provide an immersive noise-cancelling listening experience combined with the ability to play music from the built-in MP3 player, or stream samples of new work via bluetooth, ShaoDow and Zuby are able to demonstrate their own music whilst showing off a vast array of impressive merchandise.  All of which has been produced independently.

After ShaoDow appeared on TV in the award winning (yep it won an award!) documentary DIY: Words, Sound and Power, director Tom Greenidge returned to do a short follow up documentary with him called ‘ShaoDow – 2 Years Later’.

Watch this short video which will give you a taste of just how the pop-up shop has proven such a successful model for this entrepreneurial rapper, which now offers him the perfect opportunity to reach new customers and gain a larger following whilst maximising his merchandising opportunity.

Watch the video here:  Comments welcome below :)


pop up shop proves success

After the success of The Blue and Purple pop-up shop in Whiteleys Shopping Centre in Bayswater (where we sold out of headphones in a week!) ShaoDow & Zuby have been selling via their 2nd pop-up shop aka The Blue and Purple Store in the massive Westquay Shopping Centre in Southampton.

This has proved to be a big hit for fans both new and old, because not only has it given them a chance to come hang out with the artists, but to scoop exclusive merchandise only available from the pop-up shop.

The Blue and Purple store also has given fans a chance to test out the Freesound Artist Collection Wireless Headphones, which feature music from the Artists built into the MP3 player.  This has proved a great success with units flying (or more aptly being kung-fu kicked) off the shelves.  The response to the store has been phenomenal.

Look out for the next Pop-up shop which will feature a Limited Edition Headset finished in Black and Gold logos.  This will only be available from the shop so keep an eye out on social media for the announcement of where and when that will be.

Check out the video of the latest store right here...


Keepin it grimy in Prague with ShaoDow


Freesound Artist Collection rolls into 2014 with a few announcements from ShaoDow - he is due to release his long awaited music video for the new single "Gas Mark 10" tonight - a little valentines present for us all! Look out for some other artists in this video its set to be epic.  This track is taken from the new album "Kung Fu Hustler which is out now to buy on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/gas-mark-10!!!/id711838431?i=711838601&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

ShaoDow has performed a series of gigs in Europe.  Here is an insider video taken by RoadSound of the events going on in Prague last month. You can tweet @RoadSound for further info on dates this year, believe me these events are not to be missed if you are a true grime fan !

Zuby Rapstar wearing Freesound Artist Colection TeamZuby Wireless Headphones.jpg


Zuby has also announced that he will be releasing a series of singles (one each month) entitled "the Year of Zuby" http://www.yearofzuby.com/ 

The Year Of Zuby is his new music project. He aims to release a brand new song every month in 2014, followed by an album at the end of the year.

From just £10 (one off payment) you can get the latest music directly into your inbox every month. You could also buy a VIP Package including a CD and exclusive merchandise, or even a live performance from Zuby in your living room! Whatever you choose, you will be supporting Zuby as an independent artist and helping him to earn a living and make more music in the future.  Keep up to date with zubys musical adventures on Twitter @ZubyMusic


Today we are pleased to announce that Freesound has landed in America and we will begin a long and exciting journey into unchartered quarters.  Will America like BritHop?  Only time will tell. More info on this to follow next month.

Dont forget you can follow us @FreesoundAudio for the latest news and offers about any of our products. We are actively looking for musicians and artists to join our collection, so with your help and support we can make Freesound work to support more independent artists like Zuby and ShaoDow.


Freesound Artist Collection : Team Zuby Wireless Headphones featured in Zuby's GHOGH Youtube channel

This video by Freesound Artist Collection disciple Zuby shows our latest product - the Team Zuby Wireless Headphones.  Perfect for the gym as there are no wires.

Listen to your favourite music either from the 8GB MP3 player, stream from your smartphone, or use wired mode.

The headphones have a built-in MP3 player with 27 of Zuby's tracks including 'Countdown' which is playing in this video (in fact the full EP Zubstep is included).


GHOGH "Go Hard Or Go Home" Fitness Trailer (Gym Motivation) is Zubys moto in life and you can check out his channel on YouTube entitled "planet zuby" for more of his videos featuring his music and fitness. 



WHAT THE FUK is FAC? Freesound Artist Collection ready (almost)

WHAT THE FUK is FAC? Freesound Artist Collection ready (almost)

What the FUK?

This month FUK(Freesound UK) are proud to announce FAC.

FAC (Freesound Artist Collection) is our latest range of NFC Wireless Headphones for SmartPhones.

We take a more in-depth look at what we have created... 


New NFC Artist Collection - First Release - ShaoDow

New NFC Artist Collection - First Release - ShaoDow

Freesound are proud to introduce the Artist Collection - a series of headphones designed exclusively for urban artists and musicians. 

The first of the Artists to feature in the collection will be independent rapper ShaoDow

A true urban grime force to be reckoned with, ShaoDows music is fast gaining the recognition it deserves.  

"One Of The Most Prolific Artists In The UK"

DJ Semtex: BBC Radio 1xtra



Freesound Promo video

Check out our latest promo video shot in Manchester

A promotional video shot for us in Manchester by FreeWorld Productions featuring rap artists Zuby & Mr ShaoDow.

Freesound UK - Lose the Wires http://www.freesounduk.com

Freesound are a manufacturer of Wireless Headphones for SmartPhones.

You Can Follow Us On Twitter:
@FreesoundAudio - "Lose the Wires" headphones
@FreeWorldTV101 - For this production of this promo
@ZubyMusic - Featured Musical Artist 1 Track - "Bruce Lee" taken from Zubstep EP
@ShaoDowMusic - Featured Musical Artist 2 Interviewed


Freesound NFC headphones in production - FreeBase

Freesound - FreeBase NFC Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for iPhone, Android or Blackberry - White

COMING SOON - Freesound - FreeBase NFC Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for iPhone, Android or Blackberry - White

The FreeBase Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones by Freesound Audio allow you to listen to music or make calls wirelessly.  The FreeBase is designed for use with any Bluetooth-enabled music device such as an MP3 player, mobile phone, tablet or computer.  With Freesound headphones you can listen & control your music & calls wirelessly.

Using the buttons on the headset you can:-

  • Adjust volume -/+
  • Change tracks -/+
  • Pause, play, answer, end or reject calls
  • Redial last number
  • Switch the conversation between headset & phone 
  • Mute the microphone
  • Never miss a call whilst listening to music
  • Automatically reconnect with the last paired device

With NFC (Near Field Communication) we can program our headphones to exchange pairing information for bluetooth, add our support contact information, or even open our favourite music app for use with your headphones!  The possibilities are endless...

Check out NFC and how this is going to change the future here...   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Near_field_communication

Free your music.  Free your mind.  FreeBase.

FreeBase NFC headphones vs Freesound Converse All stars

FreeBase NFC headphones vs Freesound Converse All stars




Hello and welcome to Freesound UK.

Freesound is a manufacturer of wireless technology products for urban lifestyles.  Take a moment to browse our portfolio of outstanding audio products.

At Freesound we work tirelessly to bring the latest innovative products to market for use with your existing gadgets.  

From FreeRunner headphones to Freesound Rides bluetooth motor vehicle speakers, we pride ourselves on offering alternative wireless goods for urban lifestyles.

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